Beauty Tip Tuesday- The BEST Dry Shampoo

photo 1

Just because you workout everyday, doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair in a ponytail or hide it under a hat everyday…Dry shampoo is here for the rescue!

I’ve tried dozens of dry shampoos, from $5/can to $50/can and the BEST dry shampoo I’ve found is the Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Big Sexy Hair.  It’s about $20 depending on where you buy it so it’s not super cheap, but it’s not super expensive either.  But it will be probably the best thing you can get for $20 to make your hair look great!

This stuff is simply amazing.  I use it on Day 1 of washing my hair to give it texture and volume,  and then every day or two I touch up my hair with this stuff in the morning and it just eats up any grease my hair is even thinking about showing off!  The picture above is Day 4 of not washing my hair.  I sweat at least once a day, and sometimes I wear a hat when I workout too.  I’m telling you, no matter how nasty your hair gets in between washing, this stuff will redeem it! I love it!


Beauty Tip Tuesday- Jaclyn Hill & Skincare


I have recently become a HUGE fan of the oh so talented makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill. I’ve also been on the hunt for a new skin care regimen since, 1) I don’t really have one, I’ve just been kind of doing whatever! 2) My skin recently broke out probably the worst it’s ever broken out in my life! 3) I really want to start using good quality products on my skin that are as natural as possible!

So I watched Jaclyn Hill’s skincare regimen and was sold! I had to share the link.

I then looked up every single exact item she talks about (including that exact brand of Cod Liver Oil!), and since I have all the links up already, I thought I’d just copy and paste them at the bottom of this post to make your life a little easier!

I’m going to start following her skincare regimen, practically to a T for the next few weeks (maybe a month) to see the progress, and then I’ll be updating about that here! So stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out all of Jaclyn’s makeup tutorials, they’re awesome! You won’t be disappointed!

Again here are links to all the products she used.  I tried to find the best prices for each product so you can get the best bang for you buck!

1. Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

2. Raw Honey

3. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sugar

4. Enzyme Cleansing Gel

5. Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

6. Cucumber Cleansing Gel

7. Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15

8. Hydrating Moisture with Biocare & Hyaluronic Acid

9. Josie Maran Argan Oil

10. Herbal Hydrating Serum

11. Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater